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Experimental Aircraft Association 
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Experimental Aircraft Association
Chapter 347
Meeting Minutes January 27, 2007

Meeting was called to order by Reorganization Chairman Ronald Woods. There were 14 members and prospective members in attendance. The purpose and aspirations of EAA was explained briefly by Woods, with assistance from Bill Terrell. Acting Vice President Mickey Crouch gave the group an update on the status of our charter, and recommendations for finalizing said charter. He was commended for his diligent work in researching and preparing the necessary documents to regain our chapterís standing with EAA National

Old Business

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Annual Dues were discussed, and Bud Bearceís suggestion of $12.00 per year, was considered. It was decided to maintain the present $20.00 rate when the financial obligations to National EAA were explained by Mickey. Dues payment will be collected at the next meeting.

Confirmation of the following officers was affirmed by acclimation:

  • Vice President: Mickey Crouch
  • Secretary & Technical Counselor: David Bleakney
  • Treasurer: Bud Bearce
  • Flight Advisor: John Riley

New Business

The first item on the agenda, and an important one, was the naming of a President to lead our organization. Bill Terrell nominated Allyn Noblitt, and no other nominations were made. It was moved that nominations cease, and Allyn was elected by acclimation. Vote was unanimous, and he will lead our organization in 2007.

LBX Fly-In, to be held in April, and our role, if any, was discussed. Bill Terrell explained the liability issues involved with our direct participation, and it was a consensus opinion that we should have a booth at the event, only. A monetary donation question was tabled for further review, and decision at a later date.

An informal poll was conducted to determine how many of the attendees were builders, or pilots, or both. This was purely informational query.

Meeting frequency was discussed and it was decided to hold them on a monthly basis with specific dates to be later determined. The next one will be held at the LBX Meeting Room on February 10, 2007, at 2:00 P.M.

Motion to adjourn by Joe Ware, second by Guy Paul. Meeting adjourned.

A Special Thanks to Betty Terrell who provided the delicious Fudge Brownies.







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